Duke Photos | What to Bring to Your Photo Session

What to Bring to Your Photo Session

     My goal for each photo session is to take pictures of your baby wearing three different outfits with three different backgrounds and props.  During the newborn sessions I like to make family pictures so Mom and Dad should come prepared to be in some of the pictures.  Each session usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  Sometimes the newborn session can take up to two hours if we need to stop and feed or comfort the baby.

For Your Baby

  • Three or four outfits
  • Matching hats or hair bows if you have them
  • One or two favorite baby blankets
  • Any special baby toys that you want in the picture
  • A bottle of milk even if your baby has just been fed
  • A pacifier even if your baby hates it
  • Extra diapers
  • Your diaper bag

For Mom and Dad

  • Please come dressed so that you can be in several pictures with your baby.
  • Wear a solid color top and bring an extra one just in case your baby spits up on the first one.