Make an Appointment
• Late afternoon light works best for outdoor pictures.  Make your appointment around 4:00 or 5:00 and arrive on time so that we don’t run out of sunlight.
• If we are taking photos at a location that charges a fee, such as Tannehill State Park, you are responsible for all admission fees.
• If you want photographs of a child, make the appointment at a time when your child is at his or her best.  Just after a nap may work best for your child.


Timing Is Everything
• Arrive 10-15 minutes before your session. Use this time to relax before the camera starts clicking.
• Most sessions take about one to two hours.



Mix Up the Wardrobe
• When picking out your wardrobe, think bold and bright, something simple, no busy stripes or patterns.
• For family portraits, it's best to dress everyone in the same style, color or mood.
• Bring a variety of outfits with you. Two or three should be plenty.
• Come dressed in your favorite outfit, ready for photography.

• Keep the attire simple, but coordinate colors for groups.
• Solid colors are best, try to avoid large, bold patterns.


Make It Personal
• Bring along some personal props - costumes, hats, or toys that showcase your personality.
• If you are expecting a baby, bring your ultrasound photos, and a pair of baby shoes.
• If you want sports photos, wear your uniform and bring your sports equipment.  For example, a cheerleader would bring her pom-poms and a megaphone; a football player would bring his helmet and a football...